The future of stormwater management is in the forecast
Smart Stormwater Management


SmartSWM integrates intelligent, cloud-based decision-support systems and local, real-time measurements with traditional stormwater infrastructure to maximize facility performance and improve overall water quality.

The system provides active control of the timing, rate, and quantity of discharge from stormwater management infrastructure in response to local hydrologic data captured in real-time. SmartSWM combines specially designed hardware, customized software, and the power of the cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT) to augment a facility's hydraulic controls, monitor performance, and maximize storage capacity and retention time. This system is designed to reduce the costs of facility maintenance, realize swift returns on investments, and maximize the environmental benefits of each stormwater facility.

SmartSWM has been developed by a team of passionate water resource engineers, and technology professionals, at Century Engineering, whose goal is to leverage cutting-edge technologies to enhance stormwater management infrastructure.

SmartSWM installation
Century Engineering


SmartSWM integrates on-site hardware and software with cloud-based analytics to automate facility controls and provide sophisticated monitoring and reporting.

At the Facility

  • Connected actuators control when and at what rate the facility retains or drains water
  • On-board computer collects sensor readings and sends facility status data to a cloud-based platform
  • Field-override allows “at the facility” release or retention of stored water

In the Cloud

  • Automated acquisition of forecast precipitation volume and probability from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
  • Current facility parameters captured, analyzed and adjusted for impact of pending precipitation, ensuring the required capacity to accept the forecast volume
  • Dashboard for real-time data and system notifications

On the Web

  • Secure, web-based dashboard provides detailed access to each facility connected to the SmartSWM system
  • Mobile-friendly interface enables seamless access in the office or on the go
  • Access to current and past performance, reporting, facility-level controls


The SmartSWM valve controller uses one of two operational modes.

Standard Control Mode (SCM)

Default operational mode that uses forecast weather data to set an optimal ponding depth. SCM functions by retaining the SWM system’s stored water quality volume between precipitation events, thereby maximizing the residence time of the captured stormwater runoff.

Basic Control Mode (BCM)

Alternate mode allowing the valve controller can continue to operate in the event of a outage or disconnection from the SmartSWM system. BCM functions by retaining the SWM system’s stored water quality volume for a user-defined period (i.e. 2 days) immediately following the end of a storm event (when depth no longer increases).

Active Mosquito Hazard (AMH)

Optional mode to reduce the spread of diseases caused by purposefully altering the mosquito breeding habitat within the stormwater facility.

Active Freeze Hazard (AFH)

Optional mode to reduce the life safety hazards caused by icing of the facility in freezing conditions.

Active Extreme Precipitation Hazard (EPH)

Optional mode to reduce flooding of downstream properties associated with large/infrequent storm events.


SmartSWM provides real-time, automated control and 24/7 stormwater system monitoring of all connected facilities.

Increased Watershed Restoration Credit - Provides credits for larger precipitation depths than traditional pond retrofits.

Environmentally Friendly - Installed with minimal impact to existing facilities, can operate on solar power.

Real-Time Monitoring - Access to the status, history, and pending future states of each facility from an interactive, web-based dashboard.

Notification System - Provides instant push alerts about user-defined events that occur at each pond or connected system.

Advanced Reporting - User-defined reports for each facility and date range, aggregated to the system-level.

Customized - SmartSWM can be adjusted for specific client or MS4 requirements.

Reliability - Built for longevity and reliability using high quality hardware and the world’s largest cloud infrastructure.